PROJECT: Bee Love and Bee the Love Retreat

Honeybees are at risk. Many efforts are being made worldwide to save the bees, but it is really people and our own connection (or fracturing) with the natural world that needs addressing. We can’t help or save what we don’t understand or care about. NILFISK has very generously stepped up by supporting a retreat for TOG students to launch a campaign to save the bees. This retreat is an opportunity to respond to the bee crisis by raising our own awareness and appreciation of the honeybee, and to creatively respond from a place of love and appreciation.
Inspirational bee education will be woven with participatory processes (reflecting on what is being learned, dreaming and action planning). Facilitators, experienced in the art of hosting and council format as well as permaculture and sustainability, will help engage the participants’ imaginations to become creative activists/artivists for the honeybees. Upon being educated about bees and infused with bee love, students will be encouraged to dream and plan their action steps to bring more bee awareness and love in their local communities and regions.

Proposed venue: Math Village, Şirince (to be determined).
This retreat will help launch an ongoing campaign, fueled by the ideas of participant TOG students / affiliates, who will go on to inspire other students in their universities and local communities. This project is about awareness raising, empowerment of young people, and skill building.