We are working on mythologies, tales, heroes, symbols and archetypes of common cultural heritage from the Jungian Archetypal studies perspective which have practical connections to narrative arts, dialogue facilitation, working with conflict and collaborative team practices. A long series of trainings, which we initiated to convey methods to develop life skills and skills to read and interpret symbolic language of intangible cultural heritage, turned into a cultural initiative .

Our main research question:

Can we use the common cultural heritages, tales, myths, heroes and the symbolic language hidden in these stories as tools for the development of skills such as cultural dialogue, common understanding and conflict resolution with a methodological model? We continue to develop and implement innovative and alternative tools, modules, games and exercises.

The social and cultural impact we imagine:

  • contributing to the development of cultural dialogue and intercultural understanding by using intercultural parallels and the power of stories in mythologies and common cultural heritages.
  • contributing to the development of alternative and innovative educational tools, games and models for personal and social transformation.
  • contributing to the development of social awareness on intangible common cultural heritage.