Sembol bilimi, arketipler ve psikomitolojinin kesişim alanında yeralan “Psychology for Game Design” dersimiz,  oyun tasarımı bölümü lisans öğrencileri ile  2018-2019 Güz döneminde devam ediyor.

Bu  eğitim yarıyılında ele aldığımız başlıklar şöyle:

  • Depth Psychology in the context of games
  • Sign, symbol and meaning
  • Archetypes: Universal Patterns of the Psyche
  • Mythology and games: Narrative structure & monomyth
  • Imaginative space as an active Imagination
  • Dynamics of the Dark forces
  • Narrative archetypes and story
  • Character & story ideation
  • Player’s psyche: Needs, motivations & desires
  • Explore your players psychologial tendencies
  • Memory, knowledge, and representation


This course explores the application of psychology and theories of motivation to the design and prototyping of games. Archetypes, symbols and myths are living containers of collective memory which are still actively functional in our play and gaming experiences. They also appear unconsciously within the stories we tell, from oral legends to myths & tales, from cinema to literature. Course is based on interdisciplinary comparative approach and explores the basic concepts, theories and findings of psychology including archetypal perspective, perception, attention, and memory, in the context of games.

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